About Us

We are leading diapers, we have various products in baby diapers. Mainly we sell popular and quality diapers in Sri Lanka to our customers.

You can know about our products and exclusive discounts through email, facebook advertisement, sms or google ads.

Why choose us

More and more parents are choosing to use cloth diapers for their baby. Cloth diapers have many benefits…


Prime diaper products are better for babies in Sri Lanka. our products are made of super absorbent fabric rather than chemical gels found in other diapers. This can reduce irritation to your baby’s skin and diaper rash.* It has been known that your baby can be dress-trained 6 months earlier than their sole use, which can help their development and independence.* *


Prime diaper products are better for your pocket. You can save up to 10,000 monthly when choosing Prime Diapers and even more if you use your diapers with a second child. The bottom line is that even switching to one good diaper a day instead of a single-use diaper can save you significant money.


And they look super cute too. Not much is better than a beautifully designed diaper for the most stylish (EZY Paint) little bottom.